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Original Wwii Seagrams Distillery Poster When In Doubt Lights Out Scarce 22x28

Original Wwii Seagrams Distillery Poster When In Doubt Lights Out Scarce 22x28 For Sale

The Absolute Rarest Of All Seagrams Distillery Posters. These Were Handed Out To Bars By The Seagrams Corporation. This Is The Only Non-espionage Poster From The Series, And Was Not Printed Nearly As Much As The Others As They Decided To Stick To An Espionage Theme. This Specific Poster Was Printed To Remind Bars To Follow Blackout Procedures Should Their Be A Raid. Only One Of These Has Ever Come Up For Sale And We Can Locate Only 2 Other Copies. One In The National Archives And Hoover Library Archives. Measures 22x28condition- One Non-center Vertical Fold. One Centered Horizontal Fold, Acid Free Tape On Top Verso From It Being Frame At One Time.
Sold by jswarposters in Cedar Grove...